The Formation Records Group is a timeless landmark in British breakbeat music with a reputation throughout the scene as one of the most respected and longest standing labels. Over the last decade, Formation have always remained true to the spirit of underground dance music and have never sold out. Based in Leicester UK, Formation was founded in 1989 by DJ SS (Leroy) and his partner Eidris. Formation really got going by 1991 and released countless classics of darkside hardcore/jungle over the next couple years. The label evolved with the times and by 1994 was one of the leading jungle labels.

Home to the some of the most talented drum ‘n’ bass artists in the world. Formation kicked off with the Psycho E.P as its first release and followed on with names like Tango, Oasis, Megadrive, Jungle House Crew and so on. In those early days things were a bit primitive and most of the production was done by the artists at home or in the Formation studio, which was then a flat on the edge of the city. Due to Formation’s popularity things escalated quickly and in early 1993 The Formation Recording studio was built above the partners record and clothes shop 5HQ.

Three years and a few artists later Formation had three recording studios, three in house producers and staff of who take care of the day to day running of the label. Formation Records is a label that most in Jungle and DnB will associate with, and which has been at the forefront of underground dance music in the UK for the past fourteen years. Formation has moved with the times and styles and is now internationally respected for it’s unique style.

In the wake of this, the label created a number of subsidiary labels, each showcasing a differing style of music from the main imprint, including 100% Records, 5HQ Recordings, Reformed Records, New Identity, Easymen and F Project.

Formation records has been the home of many artists throughout the years including: Bass Ballistics, Bizzi, Brainstorm Crew, DJ Ratty, DJ SS, EQ, Grasscutter, Greenlaw, Influx Datum, Influx UK, International Rude Boyz, John B, Jumping Jack Frost, Mastersafe, Medicine, Megadrive Crew, Mental Power, Mutated Forms, NERO, Oaysis, Rollz, Tango and Twisted Individual.