Critical Impact

Criticial Impact has been one of the most watched and admired up and coming Producers over the last couple years, with the likes of V, Metalheadz, Formation, Clearskyz, Playaz and Zombie Records all signing a vast selection of tunes covering a wide range of sounds and styles to their labels.

William Heath or known under his artist name Critical Impact, has had passion for music since he was a young teenager. Bunking from lessons at school to buy and set up a pair of Technics with a mate in a garden shed near home, taking it in turns to MC and DJ was when Critical Impact knew performing music to the masses was for him.

The 33 year old has paid his dues and put in the work. With a passion for Funk, Soul, Garage, Hip Hop and Pop, Critical Impact has fused his love of all of the above to hone the sound he has today.

It was working with Movement and Bryan G and seeing the influx of producers coming through the door that inspired Critical Impact to catch the music-making bug. Seeing first hand the transition from DJ to Producer many were making, he decided to download every production program available to have a go himself.

His early tracks were championed by the likes of Fabio and Grooverider and became ‘Rewind Tune Of The Week’ several times. Less than a year later ‘Will.I.Aint’ burst onto the scene with ‘Small Fry’ on Twisted Individual’s Zombie label. This was soon followed by the anthem ‘Shining’ on Formation Recordings, a dance destroyer that found its way into the box of every A-list DJ you care to think of.

Never one to remain static, the ‘Critical Impact’ alias was born and a new style along with it. This soulful yet razor sharp aesthetic quickly grabbed the attention of Goldie who signed his collaborative tune ‘Translation’ (with Komonazmuk) to the mighty Metalheadz label and also included it on his landmark FabricLive mix CD. But it was a party, funk, bouncy and bass-heavy style that smashes the dance floor reminiscent of DJ Die at his best is where Critical Impact found his sound.

Relocating from his native London to the D&B mecca of Bristol, Will linked up with Jungle legend DJ Die and began working on tracks, the best of which were signed by Die to his Clearskyz label, and ‘Only Girl’/Chinese Burns’ shot straight to the top of the Drum N Bass charts on the day of release.

Critical Impact has worked the DJ circuit up and down the country over the years as, but it’s his production that is getting him noticed the most now, with promoter in the UK and abroad, wanting their clubs smashed by the man behind some of the 2012 and 2013 biggest hits.

Recently Critical Impact has started a collaborative project with one of the most respected and popular MC’s on the dance music circuit, Jakes. Enter, ‘Illa’ one of the tunes of 2013, despite not being the conventional sound of the Drum and Bass festival Sun & Bass, it was one of the most played tracks on the island, as well as Outlook with support from Hype, Marcus Intalex, Bukem, Randall, Bryan G to name some. Radio 1’s Friction had it as his ‘Rewind Track of Week’ with a live session planned. With an EP signed to Playaz for next year and vocal projects in the pipeline with some of Bristol’s finest MC talent.

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